h a u k e p r e u s s . d e   -   Geschichten   &   Horizonte

Over The Rainbow.

in search for the horn of love
or the chime of freedom
and the feather of hope
or maybe just a bucket full of gold
at the end of the rainbow
i passed through this door
stood amazed by thy glowing
and remained there just gazing
partly disbelieving
what you were showing
not quite knowing
how to react
to be on level with you

i waited silently
the reflection of wonder in my eyes
i covered my face with my hands
not just not to show my tears
but as well not to face your gaze
and to hide from the truth
that i left behind
and that awaited me
beyond your door
and what's still more
inside of my heart -
torn subconsciously apart -
and still not on level with you

silence floated through the room
like moonlight through clouds
or the curtains on your bedroom window
leaving no trace
but always there
with just the one sense
that nothing makes sense
and when we stood there like strangers
which we - in fact - never were
and always have been
but some day may be
no rhyme and no reason -
in fact not on level with you

götterdämmerung in colours
in white and blue true spectral spheres
swept away by currently tides
hiding behind a new moon
a hunter's sun, an urgent star

you may ask: what is thy reason,
the true cause for your quest
that made you leave home
and the shape of the usual form
to travel forth or maybe back
let behind the truth of the mirror
or perhaps the lies of it
no waving hands or merry farewell
no hope in sight
no life left behind
beginning at the end
closing at the front
in between not on level with you

have you never heard
or seen a thought I saw?
never told a lie
and pulled your curtain
in front of your truth
let your mind spin in a search
burnt desire for an answer
downbound train into your brain
clutching at straws and a glass of white wine
out of ideas and ideals and hope
distant thunder rumble
no decisions seeming right -
i don't think I'm on level with you

cold for the passion of death
set the spark for the flame in your eyes
ignore the pain of life
and reject the fear of failure
let us greet the hope and the hunger
look at the dawn and the desire
let us blame our parents
and loose the dogs upon our children

the evening lying before me
the home of the setting sun
tender to my haunted soul
and still so calm, so quiet, encouraging
leading into a corrosious night
with the ghost of what might have been
dancing just out of sight
in case you stray from the path
and i may change my mind
we could get on a level
take a walk away from here
into the refuge of the rising sun
into the morning dew

(c) 2013 www.haukepreuss.de